Cumbuco Guesthouse in Brazil is the place to be !
Windy even in the bathrooms !
Nice Restaurants in Cumbuco !
Nice Restaurants in Cumbuco !

Restaurants in Cumbuco

Muda - International Food

Castanha - International Food

Bread and Beans - International Food plus Coffee and Cakes

Exil - German Food

Natureza - Sandwichs and Salads

O Acai - International

Sabor da Praia - Steakhouse

Gaucho - Steakhouse

Secret Spot - International

Pizza Delivery


any many others ...

Restaurants in Fortaleza - only 30 minutes away !

Sal e Brasa -  Top Notch Steak House

Moyash - Excellent Sushi

Casa do Frango - Excellent Sushi