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IKO KItecourse Lessons Hotel Pousada Cumbuco Guesthouse

Kite Course & Lessons

IKO Kitecourse and Lessons ... Your Kiteschool in Cumbuco !


In Cumbuco you can kite almost every day of the year. The best months are from June till January where the wind is blowing almost every day. This makes Cumbuco to one of the best kite spots in the world to learn kitesurfing. We offer you a secured way of learning how to kite surf. Even if you come between February and May the wind guarantee is about 65 %.


All our school kites are brand new from Core & Carved Kiteboarding , Germany and will be replaced after a few month of use.


We are a SMALL KITE SCHOOL like this we can teach a better way with SMALL GROUPS with a maximum of 2 students for 1 instructor ! For sure you learn faster this way and after 10 - 12 hours you will be riding on the board.


You are trained according to international training standards and by the end of your course all students will receive a discount if you are going to rent equipment for further improvement.



IKO Kiteschool and Lessons in Cumbuco at the Cumbuco Guesthouse







All our staff is very safety conscious, we train according to strict standards, a qualified instructor will always be with you and all of our kites are equipped with safety systems. As a student you will always be wearing a helmet and floatation vest for increased safety.

Complete Beginner Course - 10 hours !


If you want to learn how to kitesurf we will teach you everything what you need to know !


What is included in the beginner kitecourse ?


- We teach you everything about the equipment.

- We teach you how to start and land a kite.

- We teach you how to pilot and control a kite.

- We teach you the first steps in the water which is called  " Bodydrag ".

- We teach you the waterstart and how to get on the board and ride.

- We teach you how to do the self rescue !

- We teach you how to ride safely !



A complete course will be 10 hours for 2250 Reais ( Private Lesson 1 instructor - 1 student )

If it is a group lesson it will be 1950 Reais per student with 1 instructor for 2 - 3 students !


- Private Lessons will be 250 Reais an hour !


If a student has his own kite material the price per hour is 180 Reais for private lessons !


For more infos or bookings please email us.




Pictures of our students

Claire from Australia at Cauipe Lagoon by Cumbuco Guesthouse
Claire from Australia at Cauipe Lagoon !
Claire from Australia at Cauipe Lagoon !
Claire from Australia at Cauipe Lagoon !
IKO Kiteschool Hotel & Pousada Cumbuco Guesthouse
Our friends from Poland
Kiteschool in Cumbuco at Hotel & Pousada Cumbuco Guesthouse
Ben from Switzerland doing his bodydrag !
Cumbuco Kiteschool and Lessons
Stephen our student from Ireland having a break !
Deutsche Kiteschule in Cumbuco Brasilien
Allan from New York ... Happy Riding after some lessons !
Cumbuco Guesthouse Kiteschool & Lessons in Cumbuco
Andreas from Norway after 10 hours riding in the Cauipe Lagoon
Kiteschule Cumbuco Guesthouse Kiten lernen in Brasilien !
After the Beach we went with Daniel to the lagoon !
Kiteschule in Cumbuco Brasilien
Daniel and the Waterstart but a few meters he did already after the course :-)
Kitekurse in Cumbuco im Cumbuco Guesthouse
Daniel 1 week later ... Riding like a Pro !
Kiteunterricht in Cumbuco
Waterstart ? Riding Up Wind ? No problem anymore for Daniel from Germany
Deutsche Kiteschule in Cumbuco !
Stefan all the way from Seattle here in Cumbuco to learn how to kitesurf !
Cumbuco Kiteschool at the Cumbuco Guesthouse !  Lessons and Equipment Rental !
Martijn from Holland doing a refresher course !
Cumbuco Guesthouse your Kiteschool in Cumbuco Brazil ! Eure Kiteschule in Cumbuco Brasilien !
Gregor from Switzerland on his first day !