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Frequent Questions & Answers

- Do you offer storage while i travel for a couple of days ?

Yes we do and the price is 5 Reais per item and day !


- How to arrange a downwinder to Jeri ?

Have a look at the website www.cumbucodownwind.com and you will find lots of infos about trips !

If you dont want to have it 100 % organized you might check while staying at the Cumbuco Guesthouse if someone is interested to do a downwinder ! 


- How to get to the nearby lagoons ?

One lagoon is called Icarai lagoon which you can reach with a 10 minute bus ride ! Price about 3 Reais oneway per person ! The other lagoon called Cauipe located downwind from Cumbuco you can reach by doing a downwind or by buggy transfer and the price is 80 Reais oneway which 4 people can share. 


- Does the Wifi work well ?

Internet is very important to us as well so we contract the fastest available in Cumbuco in fiber quality ! Wifii is available 24/7 !


- I would like to know what options we have regarding food?

Cumbuco has quite a few restaurants from really cheap 7 Reais a meal till 135 Reais a meal !

Please see the list for more infos : http://www.cumbuco-guesthouse.com/restaurants-in-cumbuco


- What is the easiest (and reasonably priced) way to come from Fortaleza to Cumbuco ?

We can sent you a taxi to pick you up from anywhere in Fortaleza ! The price depends from where you like to be picked up as Fortaleza is quite a big city ! E.g from the airport the taxi will be 130 Reais !

Of course you can take a bus as well ! As timings change please check at the airport information for an up to date schedule. Expect to change buses 2-3 times and travelling time is about min. 2 hours while a taxi will take about 45 minutes. Uber is available as well.


- Regarding health issues -  are there any vaccinations or medicine that are useful to take ?

Please check the website from the brazilian embassy in your country for up to date infos.


- Is there a kitchen in the guesthouse that we can use?

Yes, there is a complete kitchen which all guests can use !


- Is there a good supermarket?

There are 3 supermarktes in Cumbuco a really good one you will find in Caucaia ( 30 minutes away ) or Fortaleza ( 45 minutes away ) !


- What is the electric voltage at the guesthouse & adapter needed ?

It is 220 Volt and all international travellers should bring a universal adapter for all countries like this you make sure to not have any issues using your international plugs from from all over the world.


- Is there a ATM in Cumbuco to withdrawl money ?

Yes at the gas station and in town and you can use Mastercard & Visa there ! Another one is in Icarai 5 kilometers away and about 3-5 ATMs in Caucaia which is 30 minutes away ! The cards beeing accepted changes sometimes ! We reccommend to try the ATMs in Icarai and at the end in Caucaia & to bring a Master and Visa ! As well it is possible to change US Dollar and Euro at our reception !


- Can we pay with Euro and Dollar at the Guesthouse ?

Yes you can !


- Is it possible to kite directly from the guest house ?

Yes it is ! You just need to cross the street and you are on Cumbuco Kite Beach !


- Do you organise transfers to other kite spots ?

Yes we do ! At the reception you can order taxis & we explain how you can go by bus to kite spots or if you like we organize a car rental ! Many guests probably will like to share a car to visit spots nearby !


- Do guests most of the time kite close to the guesthouse or is there a tendency to move around to many different kite spots ?

Because we are perfectly located near the beach + we organize rental cars guests can do both ! Some kite in front, some rent a car, some take a bus, some go by buggy to explore the lagoons nearby ! There are many possibilities ... Just enjoy


- Do you offer kite rental ?

Yes we do ! More infos you will find here : http://www.cumbuco-guesthouse.com/rent-a-core-kite


- What is the best way to get to Paracuru ? 

You can take a taxi or you can rent a car from us ! Driving time will be around 1 hour only !


- Can you recommend a good car rental company, and is it easy to drive in the area ?

We are working with the most reliable car rental company in Fortaleza ! If you need to rent a car just let us know and we will make you an offer ! Driving in the area is easy ! Road Maps are available at the Cumbuco Guesthouse ! More infos you will find here : http://www.cumbuco-guesthouse.com/rent-a-car/


- Do I bring my own towels and bed sheets ? 

We provide everything exept beach towels, volunteers bring their own towels please !


- We arrive at 2 am in the morning ! Is there anyone at the reception at that time to pass us the keys to our rooms ? If you make a reservation with us we know you are coming and therefor someone will be waiting for you at that time.


- And is there a contact number for anyone in case we have difficulties finding your guesthouse ?

Yes please check your email conversation with us ! There you will find a phone number from our night staff and they speak only portuguese ! Please print out the map with our location provided on the website.


- Do you have any suggestions on where we should park the car when we arrive?

We have parking lots available at the Guesthouse ! Please park your car inside !


- Do I pay the taxi driver in cash ? In BRL or USD ?

Payment is in Reais only ! If you don´t have Reais upon arrival you can pay the driver the next day ! 


Are there any good gyms or fitness centers in Cumbuco ?

Yes there is a gym in Cumbuco located on the main road near the center of the town. From the guesthouse less than 5 minutes walking.


- Can you give me an idea (a range) of how much cash I need per week (for my dinners, drinks, small purchases, minor transportation, etc) assuming I have all my kite equipment ?

This of course all depends on you ... e.g Spaghetti in the supermarket will cost you 3-4  Reais a pack, in a cheap restaurant the spaghettis will be 15 Reais and in a fancy place 35 Reais , bus transportation is very cheap 2-3 reais to the next lagoon for kitesurfing, beer in the supermarket 3 Reais in restaurant up to 12 Reais ! All in all brazil is still cheap it only depends where you go :-) !


- Is there a bus connection from Cumbuco to Fortaleza ? From the airport to Cumbuco ? Do you reccommend to take a bus from the airport to Cumbuco ?


* Buses from Cumbuco to Fortaleza go every 20 minutes and it takes about 1 hour and the price is about 5 Reais !

* From the airport it is more difficult to go to Cumbuco but it is possible expect to change the bus 2-3 times, approx. time will be 2-3 hours price about 10 - 20 Reais !

* No we do not reccommend to take the bus because its a long ride, exausting with bags etc. and in the dark we just would not do it !


- Flight delays ... If my flight is late do i need to call to inform you that i will arrive late ?

No you do not. All taxi drivers will check the internet for up to date arrival infos !


- Do i need a visa if i come for 3 weeks ?

E.g Germans do not need a visa for Brazil but to have up to date infos check the site from the brazilian embassy in your country.

Map of Cumbuco (c) Cumbuco Guesthous
Map of Cumbuco (c) Cumbuco Guesthouse