Cumbuco Guesthouse in Brazil is the place to be !
Windy even in the bathrooms !
Rent a Car in Cumbuco at Hotel Pousada Cumbuco Guesthouse

Rent a Car

Even if you just like to kite in Cumbuco a car is really useful ! Driving arround Cumbuco is quite a lot of fun because there are a lot of kitespots nearby e.g Lagoon Cauipe, Lagoon of Icarai, Pecem, Taiba and Paracuru !

And this are only a few spots where to drive.


Your normal local driver licence is normally ok ! If you are in Brazil for a longer time you might consider to bring an international driver licence and have this one translated and authorized from the local authorities.


FYI : If you like to kite at the cauipe lagoon there is no 4x4 car needed if you use the normal street. Driving on the beach you will need a 4x4 or a beach buggy.


Here are some pictures of the cars which are available. Rental price starts at 75 Reais per day including insurance and 200 kilometers per day. Cars will be delivered to the Airport of Fortaleza or to Cumbuco to your Pousada.


Any questions or if you like to make a reservation please email us at !

Rent a Car in Cumbuco at the Cumbuco Guesthouse
Rent a Car in Cumbuco at the Cumbuco Guesthouse