Cumbuco Guesthouse in Brazil is the place to be !
Windy even in the bathrooms !
Core Kiteboarding at the Cumbuco Guesthouse


All our kites are from the high quality brand Core from Germany. At the moment Core XR4 kites are available for rental. As we change our kites frequently we always have used kites available. Please email us if you are interested.

Rent a Core Kite in Cumbuco 2020 / 2021

Complete Set Prices
Kite, Bar, Board, Harness 250 Reais / Day
Kite, Bar, Board, Harness 1575 Reais for 1 week or 2800 for 2 weeks ! 
Individuel Material  
Kite + Bar + Pump

190 Reais / Day


70 Reais a Day / 50 Reais half a day 4 hours !

Bar only

100 Reais / Day

Pump, Harness, Vest, Helmet or Safety Leash

40 Reais / Day



Material for our students when finished a full course !


When finished a full course and renting for 7 days  10 % discount


When finished a full course and renting for 14 days 

20 % discount


Terms and Conditions of Kiteequipment Rental

Is already available at the reception and will be online soon !